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New Release: Finding True Love By Liza O’Connor

By Georgia Lyn on May 13, 2019 in My Ramblings

Little Falls: Book 1

Release date: May 1, 2019


Carrie Greyson leaves New York and moves to Little Falls, Montana with a dream to turn a broken-down ranch into a refuge for battered women. Trouble finds her on day one as her car is washed into a ravine, soon to soar off a cliff into the river below.

Just when all her dreams seem ready to collapse, she discovers a whole town willing to help her. And after some mis-steps, she even determines which lover is solid and which are not.


She eased herself to the far-right side of the roof. Squatting, she held on with one hand gripping the roof opening and the other holding the window rim. She kept her eye on the tree branch, trying to determine exactly when she should jump. She decided her best chance would be to jump early, before the car actually dipped down. That would make her launch significantly stronger, but it meant that she would have to leap forward to actually catch the branch.

She counted down the seconds to her leap. “People are counting on me, Grams. I need your help here.”

Without warning, a blur of white fell before her and pain exploded in her arms and chest. She felt herself torn from the roof, smashed down upon the trunk and then dragged into the water.

Well shit! Fury raged within her, not so much for the ending of her life, but for what it meant to the women who counted on her. The tightness across her chest worsened. She knew soon she’d black out from either the pain or a lack of oxygen. She steeled herself for death. She wondered if she really would meet Grams in the Hereafter. She wondered what the Hereafter was like. She wondered if there really was a God. If there was, and she got the chance, she intended to make his life as miserable as he’d made hers.









Meet the Author

Liza O’Connor

Hello! All my fabulous friends!

I am working really hard to get all my books out wide, while continuing to churn out a book a month. How can I do this, you ask?

It’s because in my early years, I didn’t publish anything. I just kept writing. I feared that publishing would break my focus on writing. Thus, I had over a hundred and thirty books written and no one but me to read them.

A dear friend, Rebecca Royce, convinced me to submit one of my books to a publisher. Honestly, I found them too slow to act, so after the second book with a publisher, I decided to publish my third book on my own. Worst Week Ever turned out to be my Best Seller. And I’ve never looked back from that fabulous decision.

However, recently, I decided I needed to go wide, so I jumped on the D2D wagon and I’m getting both my back log and new books up as well so everyone can enjoy them.

I presently have over 50 novels. The actual amount keeps changing since I publish

a new book each month.

Yes, it is exhausting, but I love writing books.

I hope you’ll take a peek at your many options.

I write Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense and even modern cowboy stories.

I hope you will enjoy my books at whatever service you prefer.

Click here For ALL Novels by Liza

There are over 50 books. (I’ve stopped counting.)


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