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Absolute Surrender

A Guardian angel and a human girl caught in a deadly passion.


Absolute S

Cover: Montana Jade



Born in the flames of Heaven’s wrath, he’s all things sinful and too dangerous to love.

For millennia, immortal Guardian, Aethan, has walked alone, trapped in a hell of his own. Then he and his fellow warriors are tasked with stopping a deadly prophecy from unfolding, and his path crosses with that of a spirited human, a female who shakes the precarious foundations of all that he is, stirring a deadly desire.

All her life, Echo wanted ‘normal,’ an impossible feat given she can see demons. While hunting for the scourge responsible for the brutal death of her friend, she clashes with an infuriating male who thinks she shouldn’t be messing with demons. No man, no matter how sexy, will stop her!
But when a demon targets her, Aethan whisks her off to safety.
Enclosed on his secluded island, Echo finds herself drawn to the brooding Guardian, who keeps her at a maddening distance.

And when two stubborn wills collide, a dangerous hunger ignites. Now Aethan must overcome his darkest fear and claim Echo as his before the prophecy unravels. But their very happiness is threatened as evil tightens its noose, unleashing a far more sinister fate…

*A slow-burn, forced proximity, fated-mate romance


A beautiful story, filled with love, sacrifice, courage, and a devil-may-care humor that takes it all in stride. – Lauri Wellington, editor

“Absolutely love this series! One of the best original books I have read in a very long time. The characters are so easy to fall in love with and makes you wish there were guardians roaming around just in case you might stumble across one.” ~Katherene Johnstone-Amazon Reviewer

“This story and this world are amazing and I really can’t wait for the rest of the characters to get their stories. There’s so many possibilities and I can’t wait to see where Georgia Lynn Hunter takes us. I would definitely recommend this book.” ~Lexee Toste- Reviewer

“I totally recommend this book if you love paranormal romance with badass males then you will love as much as I did!” ~kikat-Amazon Reviewer

“From the first page, you are submersed in a world that seems real and tangible, but what makes the book great are the characters, both protagonists and the secondary characters. It is a wonderful and immersive read, and I highly recommend it!!”~Valerie Ullmer- Amazon Reviewer



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Excerpt 1

Echo Carter wrapped her arms around her waist and paced along the top step in front of the well-lit cathedral, trying to keep warm while she waited for Kira. The chilly sea breeze stung her nostrils as she debated going back to her car and cranking up the heater to full blast. But being trapped in the vehicle for a half hour? Ugh. She far preferred the cold. It helped ease the dull ache in her temples.

Her head still felt heavy and fuzzy from her restless night. Dreams she didn’t want to remember throbbed in her mind, so she concentrated on a tugboat gliding over the ominous waters of the East River. A streak of lightning raced across the dark skies, briefly enveloping everything in a portentous silver light.

The night wind stole under her denim jacket and beneath her sweater like an icy caress. She buttoned up the front and slid her hands into her pockets. Her fingers wrapped around the two stones she carried around like talismans, their warmth seeping into her. But it wasn’t enough. She seriously needed a distraction to clear her head and rid her body of the chill.

Her cell beeped. Eagerly, she retrieved the phone from her pocket and sat on her backpack, avoiding the cold cement step, only to find it was a text from Damon.

Away on business. Get Kira to stay with you. You know why. Call if you need me.

P.S. Don’t do anything stupid.

She rolled her eyes. Everyone had bad dreams. It didn’t mean she needed a babysitter. Damon’s postscripts, however, never changed, even if his messages did. The way her guardian hovered, you’d think she was thirteen instead of twenty-three and living on her own.

But she couldn’t blame him. All that mattered to her was finding Tamsyn’s killer and ending the son of a bitch. That had to be the stupid thing Damon worried about.

A man, rushing past her, snagged her attention. Echo watched him skid to a halt. Above average height, this one embodied the perfect male, with bronzed skin, dark, wavy hair, and a sculptured jaw. Black shades covered his eyes.

He made a U-turn, giving her a closed mouthed smile. Well now, she had asked for a distraction. Sliding the phone back into her pocket, she rose to her feet. She’d deal with this before Kira got back, and she knew the perfect spot for this little rendezvous. With a casual, seductive sway of her hips, she tossed him a sultry look over her shoulder and glided toward the back of the cathedral.

He followed.

Of course he’d follow. They always did.

She popped her jacket buttons free as she rounded the rear of the building and headed for the alcove where the statue of an angel with massive wings stood. When he grabbed her from behind and slammed her against the cathedral wall, she sucked in a breath, pain jarring up her arm to her shoulder. She twisted around. The acrid stink of sulfur flooded her nostrils. Bile rushed to her throat, telling her exactly what this thing was.

“Ah, little mortal. So good of you to choose this place—” He stopped, confusion flickering across his face, frowned, and leaned in to sniff her.

Oh yeah, her cursed pheromones always worked in her favor. They threw them off track and gave her the crucial edge she needed. But the black sludge that coated her hands as she held him off warned her this one had been wounded.

“You smell different. Must taste.” His tone slurred. Something wet and rough slithered along her neck. Crap! The slimy saliva on her skin sent a shudder of revulsion through her. But she didn’t let that distract her. Once his foul-breathed mouth claimed hers, life as she knew it would be over.

Nope, not happening. She had no plans to die at the hands of this fiend.

“Pity I have to cut our fun short.” His face cracked into a menacing smile to reveal pointy canines. “Your light’s mine.”

That’s what he thought.

“If you want it, come and claim it.” The familiar words rolled out of her mouth. Darn, she had to stop watching The Lord of the Rings. But Aragon was so—

Argh, kill first, then think about the sexy Aragon—she kneed the demonii hard in the crotch, breaking his hold. Spinning around, she kicked out her leg in a fast sweep, knocking his feet out from under him. He stumbled to the ground. About to go in for what would have been a routine kill, the demonii sprang up. He flung his shades aside. Eerily red eyes flamed with fury.

“I’ll drain every drop of your blood before I rip out your soul!”

“Promises—promises,” she taunted.

He came at her. Echo palmed her dagger and met him head-on. She went in low and rammed the blade into his sternum. The demonii fell to his knees, eyes widening in surprise.

“Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?” Vengeance burned in her as she grabbed him by the hair and slashed his exposed throat, severing the carotid artery. Blood, black and thick, gushed out.

Her breathing harsh, she let the body fall to the ground. Disappointment burned through her. This fiend hadn’t killed Tamsyn. The stink of the sulfur now coating her skin lacked the coppery, sweet odor of vanilla she was after. No matter. It meant one less evil fiend roaming the streets and robbing the innocents of their souls.

The body decomposed and vanished within seconds. No sign remained that the demonii had ever existed. The oily ooze on her dagger had disappeared, too, when a frisson shot through her. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose in warning. Oh, hell. More of them.

Survival mode on high alert, Echo whipped around in a defensive strike and met steel with steel. The metallic sound reverberated through the cathedral’s garden. The sheer power of the blow vibrated up her hand to her injured shoulder. Pain streaked through her but didn’t slow her down.

She attacked. He countered.

This one was too strong, too canny. She lunged at him, but he grabbed her in a move that made her head spin and imprisoned her in an ironclad grip against a wall of muscle. It took her a second to realize the stranger had no intention of disarming or hurting her. He merely shielded himself from her attack.

Irritated, she glared up. The impact of the man facing her over their crossed daggers hit her like a blow to the stomach. She stumbled back, dragging in lungfuls of air. Wild as rainstorms and earthy as sin, his scent crowded her. She blinked, sure the vision before her was a fantasy induced by her sleep-starved brain.

He was so tall, he had to be at least six-seven. His long, leather duster parted to reveal muscular, leather-covered legs. All that black he wore was the perfect backdrop for a wickedly handsome face. The hard, sensual curve of his lips and that focused way he studied her told her he would know every carnal pleasure there was.

A tiny shiver of awareness darted up her spine, but she brutally clamped it down.

The chilly breeze tossed back strands of his long hair to reveal the glitter of small silver hoops in his ears. But his hair—she’d never seen anything like it. It was as if nature had stroked it with every shade of the blue spectrum then laid a careless dash of ebony between those strands.

The air around him shifted. Power rolled off him in aggressive waves. But his eyes held her spellbound—gunmetal gray irises took on streaks of white—a caveat, a warning not to attack him again.

Oh, Mr. Goth-man could send out all the signals he liked. She wasn’t easy to intimidate.

“Who the hell are you?” she snapped.

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After Echo gets into a dangerous all-out fight with a horde of demoniis who are after her.  Yep, Aethan’s not happy at all…


“You should have never left the safety of the house, Echo. And now, you should have stayed away until I calmed down. I’m seconds away from making good on my promise.”

Her back stiffened. “I’m not some possession to be packed away because you fear it breaking. You want a relationship with me, you need to accept me for who I am.”

“At the expense of putting your life in danger? Don’t push me on this. You won’t like the trade-off.”

She bit back on the deluge that would have spewed out at his threat and said, “I don’t like you very much, right now.”

At her words, something shifted in his stance, his gaze. The chill in his eyes went into a slow burn, reminding her of a dangerous predator. He flung his T-shirt aside and prowled closer.

Hastily, she backed away from him. She wasn’t a fool. Whatever he planned wouldn’t be good for her. Then she met his eyes and fear gave way to anticipation. Breathing became harder, aware she’d unleashed this dangerous side of him.

“You don’t like me, do you?” He stalked her, until her back hit the wall. Hands planted on either side of her head, he locked her in. “Let’s see about that, shall we?” His eyes glowed fiercely, filled with possession. He bent his head. His nose trailed lightly down her jaw to her neck.

Echo stilled, unprepared for the sensual feeling of him lightly grazing her skin. The heady scent of rainstorms, his masculine heat and raw sex surrounded her. She could almost taste him on her tongue.

“Aethan,” she whispered, desire surging through her veins. If he could do that without even touching her, she truly was in trouble. But she didn’t care. She only knew if he didn’t kiss her, she would burn up from her own heat and die, and then he’d be sorry. She angled her face toward his, seeking his lips.

Soft laughter reached her ears as though he heard her thoughts. “Still don’t like me, do you?”

“Aethan, please,” she moaned, her hands sliding up the heated skin of his chest. His body was too hard, too big to tug closer. So, she grabbed his hair, wrapped the silky strands around her hand and drew his head to hers.