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Character interview: Aethan and Echo

I wanted to share this this informal interview between Aethan and Echo with Author Jenna Jaxon. 
enjoy! 🙂

Jenna: Hi, Echo and Aethan!  So good to see you!  Now tell me, what was your first impression of your writer?

Echo: Hi Jenna, thanks for having us. My writer, she has a weird sense of humor, I mean
she had me almost stabbing my mate. Twice. *snort *

Jenna: *startled* How did you two meet?

Aethan: Through the job. Tracking a vicious demonii and there she was killing the bas—
Echo: The fiend licked my face, he had to die.

Jenna:  Uh, that would seem necessary. *gulp*  So, what is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? How have they shaped your life?

Echo: My family. Greatest weakness: Aethan.
Aethan, glances at her, shakes his head: She’s my downfall.

Jenna: Echo what first drew you to Aethan? What qualities does he possess that are attractive to you?

Echo: His hair.
Aethan: Is that all?
Echo, hiding her smile: Yes.
Aethan: We will revisit that comment when we’re done here. *Turns to me * Her qualities?
She drove me crazy…still does.
* Echo laughs *
Aethan glances at her: She wasn’t afraid to love one like me.
* Echo strokes his arm *

Jenna: *smiles*Aethan, what does Echo do that drives you absolutely crazy?

Aethan: Everything. She’s unbelievably stubborn.
Echo: hmm…pot—kettle—black?
*Aethan glances at her in amusement *

Jenna: Echo, if you could be in any other profession, what would you do and why?

Echo: I would have wanted to play Arwen in Lord of the Rings. Why? Because I just lovvve Aragorn.
*Aethan narrows his eyes, doesn’t comment. *

Jenna:  Now I’m with you on that, Echo!  Aragorn….yum…yum! Oh! Um…Aethan, in your story, what was the most memorable moment for you?

Aethan gives Echo a dark look: Not memorable. She broke my heart.

Echo: You were being stubborn.
Aethan: You still have years—centuries of making up to do for that.

Jenna:  So, Aethan, what is your idea of a romantic evening?

Aethan: To have the damn castle to ourselves for once.

Jenna:  *smiling* What do you do for fun?

Echo: I braid Aethan’s hair when he’s asleep. All those colors—It’s oh so pretty.
Aethan: You do what?!
Echo: uh, nothin’.

Jenna:  Would you like for your writer to create a sequel for you and why or why not?

Aethan: Absolutely not!
Echo: He’s not happy about what happened in our story—
Aethan: Time to go, Echo. Before she gives our crazy writer any more ideas.
Echo smiles: Goodbye Jenna. It was nice meeting you.

*Their fading voices reach me. *

Aethan: I thought I got rid of your Aragon obsession?
Echo: *sighs* I love how you make me forget…

Thank you for coming to this great interview!  And thank you, Georgia Lyn, for allowing your characters to come visit today!