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Cover Reveal: Winter’s Awakening – Warlords of Empyrea #2

By Georgia Lyn on August 29, 2019 in Books, My Ramblings, Sssenual Scribbles, Upcoming books

Many of you have been waiting for the next Warlord of Empyrea book for a while now, wanting to know what happened to Brenna?
Well, release is just around the corner, and all will be revealed.
I do hope this book is everything you waited for.

Here it is, the stunning cover for Sebris and Brenna’s book. Thanks to my awesome cover artist, Montana Jade

Title: Winter’s Awakening
Series: Warlords of Empyrea #2
Genre: A Paranormal Romance

Only she can awaken an icy warlord’s immortal heart, but can she survive the aftermath?


Dark warlord Sebris will sacrifice anything to save his angelic dominion of Dregarus, even shed his own blood. Snatching the foretold mortal from her world is nothing—as long as she can find the missing artifact their realm desperately needs to survive. He expects a mere pawn, not a fragile human woman who confuses and tempts him, stirring in him a desire that is as dangerous as it’s deadly.

After a freak accident lands florist Brenna Graham in a coma, she awakens to find herself in another world and in the care of a cold, ruthless immortal. The Darkrean leader both draws and terrifies her. Still, she’s furious over the abduction she unwittingly agreed to. But the longer she’s with him, the more she discovers an unexpected, tender side to the icy warlord. As barriers shatter and rigid laws are broken, an unabiding passion consumes them.

Except, time is not on their side in the dying, war-ridden world. For a chance at an everlasting love, they must fight for survival. When unseen enemies target Brenna, their bond is brutally tested. Sebris vows to bring down dominions to save the woman who became his heart…

Preorder: AMAZON
Other pre-order links coming up soon.



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