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Update: Echo, Mine

By Georgia Lyn on September 28, 2016 in Blog, Books, My Ramblings

Echo, MineThe romantic conclusion to Absolute Surrender has an update. It’s at the bottom…





Here’s an excerpt to refresh or wet your appetite 🙂 when an over-protective warrior finds his still-recovering mate swimming…


“Why do you push yourself?”
At that masculine, lightly accented voice, her head snapped around, her heart pounding like mad in her chest. The man who claimed her heart and who’d refused to let her die strode across the paved floor to her. Taller than most humans, he was gorgeous and tempting as sin.
Chiseled features and powerfully built, Aethan made her melt with just a look from those piercing gray eyes. Well-worn jeans hugged his muscular thighs, and a navy tee molded his tough body, one she was intimately acquainted with—heck, he could probably wear rags and he’d still look equally scrumptious. He’d secured his striking dark blue hair into a ponytail, revealing the small silver hoops he wore in his earlobes.
No, he wasn’t human. He was her very own Empyrean angel.
“I have to regain my strength,” she said, swimming toward where he stood at the edge of the pool. A frown marred his handsome face. Maybe she was pushing it today, but the restlessness inside her grew, making her edgy. And it had everything to do with him.
“You had a gym session earlier,” he pointed out.
“I did take a break. There—” she waved to the lounger where she’d left her towel with a book tossed on top of it. “It grew too warm, so I decided to swim.”
At her bald-face lie, his eyes narrowed. She wouldn’t put it past him to scoop her up, take her to their quarters, and make her lie down. He was quite capable of that.
“Uh, Aethan, you’re becoming a regular mother hen.” No way would she admit that even though she’d decided to cool off in the pool after her training with Hedori, the plan had always been to work on her laps. “I’m fine, really.”
In response, he hunkered before her, the denim material straining over his thighs.
“You do realize being soul joined, I can feel your exhaustion,” he said softly. He braced his arm on his thigh, pulling her gaze to the mystical tattoo on his powerful biceps. Reaching out with his other hand, he ran the back of his knuckles along her cheek.
She wrinkled her nose at him. Much as she loved being linked so intrinsically to him, feeling his warm presence inside her chest, it was a pain in the backside at times. Like now.


If you want a steamy romance without too much blood shed and violence…okay just a teeny bit of violence now, then grab a copy of EM. It’s on at $0.99.

Update news: I expanded a little on Aethan’s last fight scene and explained a little more about Damon’s absence for Echo. I’ll think you’ll like the slight expansion.





  1. Nicole October 1, 2016 Reply

    Wondering if you writing a book for Tyr?

    • Author
      Georgia Lyn October 6, 2016 Reply

      Hi Nicole,
      Yes, Týr will have a book, and it will comes after the 3rd Guardian book.

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