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It Take’s Two-Carmen Fox’s FB giveaway party

By Georgia Lyn on April 30, 2016 in Blog, Books, Sssenual and scribbles

Hi There,

Join us Saturday, 4/30, starting at 2:00 p.m. EDT – for chitchat, games, and loads of prezzies! My partner in fun for the event is the fabulous Celia Breslin– we’re on with our books and giveaways at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Come chat with us and enter the fabulous of giveaways!


See you there! –>

In keeping with the theme of “It Takes Two,” I’ll be chatting about my emotionless, badass hero and the woman who won’t give up on him.

So come over and meet Blaéz and Darci from Breaking Fate

brek f


An immortal without a soul is bad enough. But when his only tether to remaining honorable is his addiction to bone-crushing pain, it makes Blaéz a dangerously loose cannon.

A Guardian sworn to protect mortals from supernatural evil, Blaéz straddles the edge of darkness as his needs grow. When a good deed brings him to the doorstep of a female unlike any other, one whose touch ignites emotions long lost in the hellish pits of Tartarus, he’s determined not to lose her. She belongs to him. But she’s human. Forbidden. And bringing her into his life may just destroy them both.

Darci Callahan has given up on love. But when a lethally handsome stranger suddenly appears late one night, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the captivating man with the pale, empty eyes—a man who awakens in her a desire she never believed possible. Except Blaéz brings more than unexpected passion to her life, he brings danger.

In this treacherous new world of gods and demons, Darci soon discovers a heart-shattering truth and the twisted games the gods play. Caught in the crosshairs, she’s forced to accept that, sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, you have to love them enough to let them go…



Excerpt from when Blaéz first meet Darci:

He wanted to leave, walk out. But held there by some impossible force, he reached out and gently stroked her petal smooth cheek instead. Her eyes widened in surprise. Her warmth seeped through the husk of him and his formidable control cracked.

In a move so fast he crowded her against the door, his hands braced on the wood beside her head. Powerless to stop himself, he lowered his head and trailed his nose down her neck. Her soft, feminine scent filled his lungs. His heart pounded in his ears. Blood buzzed, and desire like a tidal wave crashed through him.

“Hey.” She shoved at his chest. “Wh-what are you’re doing?”

“Be still.”

At his rough tone, she stiffened and pressed her back into the door. Her striking eyes, a deep brown with spiky bouts of pure yellow edged with green glowered in annoyance.

Sunflowers. That’s what they reminded him of.

“I’m grateful you brought Daniel home. But not that grateful. You’re sadly mistaken if you think I’m going to let you…” Her gaze settled on his lips. “Kiss me.”

“You would if I were of a mind to.”

Her seductive mouth dropped open. Her irises turned fully citron, irritation flaring across her gorgeous face.

Emotions charging through him like a livewire, Blaéz forced himself to step back, despite wanting to taste her so badly. He struggled to find an off switch. Struggled not to touch her. If he did, he doubted he’d stop at just a kiss.

And you can’t be trusted, the sly voices in his head whispered.

Yeah, got it. She’s human—an innocent, and he was a fucked-up deviant.


So see you there 🙂

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    Georgia Lyn May 1, 2016 Reply

    Congrats to my two winners!
    1) Sara Baskin-Sands for the $5.00 Amazon gift Card,.
    2) Cindy Mucha Barton for the ecopy of Breaking Fate.
    Please message me your email addy so I can send your prizes.

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