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Meet my Characters blog hop: Reynner and Eve

By Georgia Lyn on September 16, 2014 in Blog, Upcoming books

My fellow author and awesome critique pal Celia Breslin, tagged me for this blog hop. I’ve decided to corner my reclusive warrior, Reynner, and Eve from my Guardian World series for this interview. Theirs is the next book: Darkness Undone 🙂

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1-Is your character fictional or a historic person?

Eve: “not historic. Fictional? Seriously? I’m a regular person. I feel real… ” glances at Reynner and lightly runs her fingers down his ribs, “you feel me, don’t you?”

Reynner jerks and shackles her wrist, the pins her with a long stare. “Later, I’ll show you exactly how real a touch can feel.”

A blush steals across Eve’s cheeks.


2-When and where is the story set?

Eve: “present day, in good ol’ New York city and this wonderful refuge on another realm called Exilum—where Reynner currently lives.”

A little smile tugs Reynner’s lips: “What about the forests of Exilum–your room many times…my room?”

Eve rubs her heated face. “God….”


3-What should we know about Reynner?

Eve frown and is silent for a second. Reynner glances at her: “nothing to say?”

Eve snorts: “I have plenty. He’s as stubborn as the day is long—felt he wasn’t good enough for me, until I made him see the error of his way. Oh, and he is very, very old.”

Reynner cocks a brow : “old—old? Well then, I just have to use my dungeon again to prove you wrong.”

Eve stares shocked, then quickly recovers. She smiles sweetly. “okay… okay, he looks a few years older then me.”


4-What is the main conflict in your story? What messes up your life?

Eve:  A horrid goddess who nearly won.  And Reynner’s lone-wolf attitude.” 

Reynner shakes his head.


5-What is your personal goal ? Reynner–Eve?

Reynner expression tightens. “I wanted to find a friend–long lost through my own fault—my stupidity that caused a tragedy…  but things didn’t quite turn out that way…”

Eve tenderly strokes his arm.


6-Is this novel published, and where can we read more about it?

Eve: I’ll take this. It’s in the hand of my author’s agent and about to be pitched to publishers. There an excerpt in the book section, so you can see what and whom I had to put up with.” She grimaces. “…ah, our interviews at at end.”

“Yes, it is.” Reynner rises, snag Eve’s wrist. “The Dungeon awaits us.”

Eve: “You’re insatiable.”

Reynner: “And you just realize that now?”


That’s it from Eve and Reynner  🙂

Link for excerpt to Darkness Undone 

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  1. Lucy Musiyiwa September 17, 2014 Reply

    Nice to meet you Reyner and Eve….great interview.

    • Author
      Georgia Lyn September 17, 2014 Reply

      thanks, Lucy.
      R&E appreciates the visit 🙂

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