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Update of my writing world…

By Georgia Lyn on May 3, 2014 in Blog, Upcoming books
 Hey everyone,

It’s been a while. I know many of you are probably wondering what is going on with my Fallen Guardian series.

Where is the next book?

Don’t worry I haven’t disappeared into the wilds but have been busy writing. Fortunately for me−or unfortunately, depending on how you see this−and I know you want the best for my Guardians 🙂 I signed on with an agent- with my second book, and that means I have no control over how soon my books are released.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 1.04.11 PM

that’s how I am when waiting, 🙂

So I totally understand the frustration you all feel, but bear with me.

It seems these things take time, unlike working directly with a publisher. But don’t worry, I haven’t been idle in the interim. I have more books written. So the good news is that even though Absolute Surrender is temporarily unavailable, (and I apologize if you were looking to purchase it,) however, a much better version will be on its way to you soon, along with three, yes three more books belonging to the same world.

Two will be from the Fallen Guardian series.

Aethan and Echo’s story−Absolute Surrender. ( re-edited and revised)

Blaéz and Darci’s story−Breaking Fate.

The third book will be from Aethan’s old world of Empyrea. It’s his friend, Reynner and Eve’s story−Darkness Undone. (this is the start of a spin-off series from Fallen Guardian world−(Warlords of Empyrea.) Yes, Aethan and Echo appear in that story 🙂

To find out more about this book and read a snippet, click HERE.

And the fourth is from the Dark Realm. Tangled in Sin is Riley and Saia‘s story. (Riley is Aethan’s demon contact in AS)

To find out more about this book and read a snippet, click HERE

I promise you are in for a treat with these stories.

Now fingers crossed all will happen soon.

Here’s a little snippet from the opening chapter: Breaking Fate

‘He wanted to leave, walk out. But held there by some impossible force, he reached out and stroked her face instead. Her warmth reached through the husk of him and cracked his formidable control.

Her gaze widened in surprise.

In a move so fast he crowded her against the door. Braced his hands on the wood beside her head. He just needed to touch her, to feel again. Powerless to stop himself, he lowered his head and trailed his nose up the skin of neck and along her jaw. Her soft, soft scent filled his lungs. His heart pounded. Blood buzzed and desire crashed through him like a runaway freight.

She shoved at his chest. “W-what are you’re doing?”

“Be still.”

At his rough tone, she stiffened and pressed her back into the door. Her striking eyes glowered dangerously. “I’m grateful you brought Daniel home. But not that grateful if you think I’m going to let you kiss me—”

“You would, if I were of a mind to,” he whispered in her ear, then stepped back.

Her seductive mouth dropped open. Her irises turned fully citron, irritation flaring across her face.

Blaéz struggled to find an off switch, emotions charging through him like a live wire. Struggled not to touch her. If he did, he doubted he’d stop at just a kiss.

And you can’t be trusted, the sly voice in his head taunted.

Yeah, got it. She’s human, and he was a fucked-up mess.’

So, back to my writing cave.

Have a great day ♥


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