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In the chaos of life…

By Georgia Lyn on September 27, 2012 in My Ramblings

Changes are happening in the chaos that is this writer’s life. Amidst the madness of edits for the release of Absolute Surrender, I’m pleased to say, finally, my second book is completed. The query’s done and so is the dreaded synopsis. So, for an excerpt from Darkness Undone .

On another note, as Halloween draws closer, it made me wonder about the paranormal.
Did any of you ever experience the supernatural? Personally or through a family member? Well join me on my blog about this phenomenal topic: A Paranormal Experience

So peeps, it’s time for me to hie off, hit the keyboards and continue with the first draft of my current WIP, tentatively titled ‘A Demon for Christmas.”
Oh, and you have to check out the amazing rendition of my heroes in Chibi style on my author’s facebook cover.
until later… have a fabulous day!!!


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