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Darkness Undone

this video is perfect, Reynner was so lost to the darkness until Eve…

Reynner and Eve



  1. Jason Marz: I won’t give up.
  2. Medina: You and I
  3. Ryandan: Tears of An Angel
  4. Two Steps from Hell: To Glory
  5. Two Steps From Hell: Protectors Of The Earth
  6. Future World Music: Quest for Freedom
  7. City of the Fallen: Light from Darkness
  8. City Of The Fallen: Eye Of The Beholder
  9. Epic Score: Cant Change My Past
  10. Epic Score: I Have A Story
  11. Plumb: Cut
  12. X-Ray Dogs: Acts of Courage
  13. Christina Aguilera: You Lost Me
  14. Within Temptation: Siren
  15. Sweet November: It’s Not Goodbye
  16. RED: Start Again
  17. Anberlin: True Faith