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BOOKS & Work in Progress


 Writing schedule for 2023

Started writing 1draft for Warlords of Empyrea #4

And working on the plot for Fallen Guardians #9

Yes, it’s a short list because you guys love my sagas–I mean longer books–LOL



Please note both my series: the Fallen Guardians & Warlords of Empyrea belong to the same world, so characters tend to pop into the other series. 

Reading order at the end of the page


Fallen Guardians 

About a group of hard-headed, immortal Guardians, and their ‘don’t take no crap’ heroines come along and knock them right off their gorgeous asses.

This series is on-going

#1 Absolute Surrender  

#2 Echo, Mine 

#3 Breaking Fate 

#4 Guardian Unraveled

#5 For You, I Will  

#6  Heart’s Inferno

#7  Shattered Dawn

#8 Beyond Destiny  –  (Nate & Ely) now out.



Tangled Sin  (A Dark Realm Novel)

A full-length, standalone novel, part of the Fallen Guardians’ World

The moment I wrote Riley in Absolute Surrender, the guy refused to leave me alone. And I succumbed. 🙂
All bets are off from the moment Saia Sen-Grayson crosses paths with the bad boy next door. And gets far more than she bargained for in this sexy, tattooed bartender…



Warlords of Empyrea

This series interlinks with the Fallen Guardians. And the Empyreans fight to save their fading Realm of Empyrea. Each book will deal and lead closer to finding all the ‘pieces’ of the mystical artifact that is needed, and, of course, along with heart-pulsing romances.


#1- Darkness Undone 

Reynner…betrayed and bound, until Eve saves him from his own dark self!

.On a side note: Reynner (the hero of DU) was once Aethan’s best friend.
Yep, they were.  And 3000 years later they meet again. You’ll find out what happened, see how one impulsive comment changed their lives forever.
You’ve read Aethan’s story, now it’s Reynner’s turn.


#2- Winter’s Awakening – Brenna and Sebris


Only she can awaken an icy warlord’s immortal heart, but can she survive the aftermath?

The icy, anti-hero warlord (enemy of the Empyreans) and his heroine, square off in this second saga of the Warlords.


#3Warlord’s Storm– Northaen & Kataya

A brutal warlord bent on saving his dying realm, with no time for emotions, and a human woman who’s shut herself off from life, clash in this third book of the Warlords. But destiny will not be denied…




Contemporary Romance completed:

Players to Men

 #1 Breathless 

‘A dark tragedy, a cruel betrayal. An unexpected encounter…
It wasn’t in their plans to fall in love.
But in a world of lies, she was his only truth.’

Max & Ila.


#2 Impossible You 

Jack & Rayen

A scintillating tale of cat and mouse…


#3 #playerdown

War & Charli

A frenemy to lovers story.

When a careless bet lands you in trouble… It’s time to up the stakes!



READING ORDER for the FG world:

Absolute Surrender

Echo, Mine 

Breaking Fate

Darkness Undone

Guardian Unraveled

Tangled Sin (standalone)

For You, I will 

Heart’s Inferno

Shattered Dawn

Beyond Destiny



*The Warlords series can be read on its own, in its release order.





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