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Absolute Surrender

For many Authors music is what creates the mood to write, but we all have varying tastes to what moves and inspires us. I love listening to mostly musical scores when I write. The video below is a near perfect rendition  for the romance part of my story, except my hero waited three thousand years….

Chapter 29 🙂

Aethan and Echo

  1. Disturbed: Forsaken

  2. Disturbed: Warrior

  3. Immediate music: Summoning of the Hero

  4. Immediate music: Serenata

  5. Immediate music: Epicon

  6. X-ray Dogs: Here comes the King

  7. X-ray Dogs: Act of Courage

  8. Bryan Ferry: Jealous guy

  9. Two Steps from Hell: Love and Loss

  10. Two Steps from Hell: Archangel

  11. Two Steps from Hell: Merchant Prince

  12. Akira Yamaoka : Room of Angels

  13. Jason Walker: Echo

  14. Gothic Storm: Army of Angels Unleashed

  15. Future World music: Turning of the Tide

  16. Future World music: Eye of the Beholder

  17. Future World music: Ashes

  18. Audiomachine: Triumph and Loss