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I’m a misplaced South African living abroad with a penchant for tea and ginger ale. I cannot function without my jar of jelly beans. I’m quite insane, really, when I write.

Lost to the outside world, I live in my jammies and forget to eat, until my stomach goes to war in protest. And my water bottle next to my laptop is miles too far to stop and take a drink… and yes, I’m ashamed to say, several times I was late (reads forgot) to pick up my teen from school, which the darling boy forgave me for.

Part Sagittarian and a free spirit, I can’t be chained to one spot and that aggravates my Capricorn half. Thankfully, we’ve come to an agreement and now co-exist. With Archer, my free spirit is unleashed and lets me create while ol’ Cappie helps me stay put and write. Ta-da! Harmony!

I’ve always been an avid reader–and don’t care much for TV. My family has to abduct me to watch movies. 🙂 My love affair with books began as a young child. I inhaled everything and anything I could, but even then I always wanted something more. Then I read my first paranormal romance.

This dark, mystical genre seduced me right out of reading to create my own sensual love stories emerging from the darkest of times. Yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic.

My favorite heroes? Simple. Dark loners, who believe they don’t need anyone until their ‘don’t take no crap’ heroines come along and knock them right off their gorgeous assess 🙂

I’m ecstatic to finally be able to follow my dream and the extraordinary journey my imagination takes me to. When I’m not writing or plotting my next novel, I love trolling flea markets, buying things I’d never use (because they’re so pretty) traveling, and being with my family. 


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