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Seriously, a chain letter for my WIP…

By Georgia Lyn on September 26, 2012 in My Ramblings

The very word ‘chain-letter’ gives me the heebie jeebies it did years ago. It makes me want to growl.

A real damn pain in the ass as I recall, send X number of letters/emails to people, for whatever the hell crazy crap should or shouldn’t happen…

But times sure have changed, I’ve now succumbed to this fate. And fellow peeps this time, it’s an exception, one I won’t be tossing in the garbage without even reading it. After all it relates to something very close to my heart.


I’ve been challenged and tagged by my fabulous friend and fellow author, Piper Shelly for a chained WIP.

So here is the idea:
Find the first time the word ‘look’ is used in your current WIP and post the surrounding paragraph/s. Following (how could it be any different even years later?) tag 5 or more authors and ask them to play along.

My WIP:  A Demon for Christmas

What? He nearly growled, sliding a beer across the counter to another customer. But he bit back the word at the last moment.

She leaned in closer, her tantalizing scent of lilies like some hallucinogenic drug invaded him. “Now I understand why you turned me down. You bat for the other team.” A long drawn sigh of disappointment slipped out her luscious lips, her gaze sliding over him like molasses. Hot and seductive. “Pity.”

There was only so much a demon could take. “I’m not gay.”

A sunny smile lit her face. “Of course not. I wouldn’t waste my time with someone who was.” She shot him a sultry look, grabbed her drink and sashayed off to her friends.

That’s it for now.


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