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Lifes little surprises

By Georgia Lyn on November 21, 2012 in My Ramblings

We had rain today! 😀
Yeah, I know, I’m deliriously excited about this weather phenomenon everyone else takes for granted.
But when this spectacular event only happens once, or twice a year if we’re lucky, and the yells of excitement is allowed. So I grabbed my things, headed out of my cave and rushed downstairs.
Why rush, you ask? Well, it would only last for a few minutes. So I parked myself in the dining room in front of the sliding door and listened to the rain while I worked on my edits…it lasted for all of ten wonderful minutes.

And yep, next round edits for Absolute Surrender has landed. Much better this time round, got much work done in one day, so yay me.
But alas my third WIP is on hold for now. The novella I was working on, A Demon for Christmas, has taken on new life. The title has been scrapped along with a few chapters and it’s now going to be a full length novel. Yes, you heard right 🙂  because a fantastic idea has taken hold. And there is no such thing as a reclusive demon as I found out while writing about my demon, Riley.
Here’s a little snippet from my opening chapter:
Untitled as yet, I’m just gonna call it by my hero’s name: Riley.

“Your name came up down under,thought you’d be interested to know,” Gaelin said, brushing at his pale hair. And grimaced at the dampness and fog that weighed down the strands.

“Who?” Riley asked. “The same one who came after you before you left the Dark Realm.”

“Peros,” he murmured, shoving his hands in his coat pocket. For some reason the bastard hated his guts. He had followed Riley into the human world and tried to finish the job a millennium ago. If it wasn’t for fate intervening by the last person he’d expected help from, he’d be dead now.

“Let him come. I’m not the boy who left Hell all those centuries ago.”

“Reomer,” Gaelin sighed, using Riley’s name of old. “He’s grown powerful now. You’ve been far too long in this world, your strength will not endure much longer.”

“Is that all?” He didn’t need to be reminded that he wasn’t as strong as his brethren.

The demon shook his head. “You are just like him.”

Riley cut him a cold look.

“I’m just trying to keep your ass safe.”

“My ass is just fine.”

that’s it for now, til next time 🙂


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