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A release date

By Georgia Lyn on December 19, 2012 in My Ramblings

With the 12/21/12 around the corner and many of you are wondering if it is indeed the day when the Mayan prediction would come true–would we be hit with worldwide tsunamis, global meteor showers, and the worlds end–nope, I’m not gonna be thinking of that, it means I’ll be sorely upset, since I won’t get to enjoy my birthday because it’s on the same day . . .
But life still goes on in this writer’s world.

Right now, sadly, my latest WIP is put on hold for a bit. I was so stoked with finishing that book. No matter, soon, I shall dive back into it. I still need a name for my demon story, doubtless it will reveal itself soon.
While Darkness Undone is doing its rounds with powers that be, I’m so very pleased to say I finally have a release date for Absolute Surrender.

WHOO HOO!!! it’s the 23rd March 2013 😀
See, the world simply cannot end on Friday!
And here’s the cover.


Blurb to follow shortly . . . for a little more on this book head over to my blog.
So peace all,
until next time, ciao 🙂


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