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By Georgia Lyn on March 25, 2013 in Blog

It’s really amazing how fast people jump to knock down an authors work with no idea of the time, the hard work it takes to get that book published.

My rant includes all kinds of slammin’ from pirating to careless ratings from readers who don’t even read that genre. It amazes me why people do so in the first place. Personally, if I don’t like a particular book, I just don’t rate it. If you do, then a constructive review is helpful. It’s that simple, try it.  Secondly, don’t buy the book if it’s not what you read and then slam it down. It’s like telling someone, your kid’s ugly.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 8.40.20 AM

Johnny Depp as a pirate, AWESOME. YOU, not so much.

Why you want to know? I’ll tell you.

While writing this rant, I’ve just been alerted by email, that I’ve been pirated. It’s barely been 5 days since publication. My message to you is this: That book took me 2 years to write, a lot of hard work and tears. Yes, I cried while working on this, because everything that could go wrong did before publication, and so easy for you to just take it and give it away for free.

But thanks, since you must like it and want to share it with all out there. If that is the case, send me an email and I’ll donate a book to your local library for free.


  1. Nikki Lynn Barrett March 25, 2013 Reply

    I’m so sick of rude people! Whether it be pirating, careless reviews for no reason, and the buying and returning of ebooks on Amazon within their stupid long length of time. We put so much time, love and thought into our books, and yes, it’s like letting our child out in the world and we’re just as protective of our books like we are with our children. It’s hurtful and wrong, yet people just don’t care. I can’t even understand what’s wrong with this world.

    I’m on a rant too lately, and pretty much echo what you said.

    • Author
      Georgia Lyn March 25, 2013 Reply

      Yes Nikki,unfortunately as authors we take the brunt of peoples’ carelessness while they calmly go on in life, totally clueless as to the hurt they caused another.

  2. Piper Shelly March 25, 2013 Reply

    Hey Lyn, don’t be down. I went through this several times by now, and I think it’s legal to say: Those who download your book for free would have never bought it anyway. Those who love books, know how precious they are to the author and will never go to a piracy site.

    However, hun, you’re damn right with what you said. It’s like they think the making of a book is like the making of a cup of coffee. Press the button and the entire load is pourd into your cup. That this particular cup of coffee took several years to brew is of no interest to any of them. They want us to write 48h a day so the next book comes out better yesterday than tomorrow, but they don’t see that we all have to take on a daytime job too, to pay our bills because we can’t make a living with our books if no one spends the 3.50 to get it.

    I’ve been in this business for several months now and I’ve grown a thick second layer of skin. But I know how hard the unfairness is to shoulder. Chin up, girl! Don’t let those jerks destroy your enthusiasm. It’ll turn out just great in a little while, you’ll see. 🙂


    • Author
      Georgia Lyn March 25, 2013 Reply

      thanks Piper, as usual you always have my back. I guess I’ll soon grow that thick skin too 🙂

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